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Aimee Hill

Being extremely self-consciousness throughout her teens and early 20s, Aimee began an exercise regimen that included practicing  Yoga DVDs at home as a means of losing weight and becoming more toned.


It wasn’t until she was at university in Bristol studying for her Sociology degree that she joined her first public yoga class, where she fell in love with the practice, and attended Iyengar and Vinyasa classes avidly throughout her 3 years.

After her last session of Iyengar, her teacher approached her and asked if she would consider becoming a yoga teacher after graduating.  Still suffering with a total lack of confidence, Aimee responded, “I’d love to, but I don’t think I’d be good enough”. Her teacher laughed and said, “You’d be excellent at it, because you’re conscientious and passionate. That is all you need to be a good teacher”.


During her time training, she delved much more deeply in to the philosophy of Yoga and began to understand that it was not just about a series of poses/stretches that would help her stay slim. She realised that the breath was intricately linked to our physical, emotional and mental states, and was the key to balancing the nervous system – essential for someone suffering from low self-esteem issues. Above all, she learned that self-love and acceptance was far more important than being able to achieve any particular pose.



Aimee doesn’t believe that there are different levels of yoga (“beginners”, “intermediate”, and “advanced”). With a keen interest in anatomy and how the body works (exemplified by completing her Level 4 Sports Therapy Massage course in 2015), Aimee believes that every physical body is unique in its own way, and the ultimate aim of her classes is to encourage students to breathe, and move in a way that feels good and right for them.


To Aimee, just turning up to the mat with a positive intention is yoga. Taking time for yourself to chill out, listening to your intuition, being kind/compassionate to yourself and others, choosing to eat chocolate or drink a green juice, and realising that we are all on our own unique paths in life, yet we are all connected as one… is all yoga.

Aimee still very much considers herself a life-long student of the Yoga practice and continues to attend regular workshops and classes wherever on the globe she may be!


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