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Dan Peppiatt

Dan has had a varied career path, though he has always had his practise of yoga and meditation in the background as a constant. After a stint at medical school and then several years as an A-level biology teacher he has a good understanding of the physical body. This is something that he applies to his yoga classes where he creates a logical yet totally organic style of teaching, which works students through a progressive series of flowing poses.  


No two classes are ever the same and there are always variations to suit all abilties from beginners to advanced, though whatever level you are at the emphasis is aways to push your own limits.


Dan started studying yoga as a result of suffering from crippling back pains in his teenage years andearly twenties. In hindsight these were due to anxiety that he alsosuffered from, but the yoga classes that he attended to curethe back also had the happy side-effect of curing his anxiety. Hevhas studied many forms of meditation from traditionl buddhism through to modern teachers such as Eckhart Tolle and Krishnamurti. After a physically testing class he always finds time to lead a guided relaxation session so that both the body and mind leave the class feeling refeshed.



As a keen surfer, he is the only qualified SUP (stand up paddleboard) yoga teacher in North Devon and one of only three in the UK teaching Indo Board Yoga.


Dan teaches inversion and balance workshops at studios around the country, focussing on the anatomy of going balancing and turning upside down. He also guest teaches monthly dynamic flow classes in London. You can see details on his website



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