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Hot Yoga

The room is heated to 30-35 degrees celcius which is intended to mimic the morning heat in southern india. Many people can become hot yoga addicts, it certainly lends itself to entering an almost euphoric state at times, though it isnt for everyone. At present due to the technical demands of getting rooms up to heat we only hold hot classes at North Devon yoga centre in Barnstaple.


If you have heart or blood pressure issues; are pregnant or have any other medical concerns, you should check with your doctor first :)


Hot classes are £8 drop in

Tuesdays 8-9pm Tarka Clinic Barnstaple

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Aimee teaches dynamic hot classes, with lots of flowing and lots of sweating.

Hot yoga can allow the body to become more relaxed as the muscles and tendons warm up faster and so we can often move more easily into our postures...though we have to be careful not to overstretch!