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Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation

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Gemma is a Birthlight Yoga teacher having trained under the well respected Francois Barbira Freedman. She has many years experience teaching to expectant mums since 2006. She is also in training as a yoga therapist which includes further detailed study of yoga in pregnancy.

Classes can be taken from the 14th week of pregnancy and can run right up until the birth itself if mum still feels comfortable to do so.


Our pregnancy yoga classes in Barnstaple and Ilfracombe are specifically adapted to the change in shape and balance that occurs during pregnancy.

They include not only gentle moving positions to ease discomfort and prepare the body for birth but also a good deal of mental preparation, learning relaxation and breath techniques for birth.



Pregnancy / pre-natal yoga classes are taught in Barnstaple and Ilfracombe and Gemma also has many clients that prefer a private pregnancy yoga class in their own home. In addition Gemma runs specific Birth Preparation days around north devon as well as private sessions. These are described below and are suitable for people that have or have not attended yoga classes.

Birthlight Birth Preparation Private Sessions and Group Workshops




These are 3-4 hour private sessions for mums to be and their birth partner(s) in the comfort of your own home or at our regular North Devon workshops. The aim is to help you get physically, mentally and emotionally prepared as a family for your baby's birth.

Whether you are having a home birth, hospital birth, water birth or caesarian it is important that you are comfortable in the situation and feel that it is not something that you have no control over.


Each session is adpated to suit the individual couples situation and wishes. However I generally include natural anatomy and physiology of birth, optimal foetal positioning, birth breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques.


Birth partners also learn simple comforting methods to enable them to help reduce discomfort, work with the mother during the birth and create a positive birth environment.


My experience:


As a mother of two I have experience of both a hospital and home birth.


I have been teaching pregnancy and post-natal yoga since 2006 and Birth Preparation for the last four years. My past clients have ranged from doctors and midwives to yoga teachers, fitness instructors and businesswomen.


Cost: £70 for 3-4 hour private session or £40 per couple for group workshops. You are also welcome to call me for any help/advice you need later on.

Testimonials from past clients:


‘As I said we had a tricky birth but without yoga I wouldn’t have had the skills to get through as well as I did.  Yoga enabled me to go into the birthing feeling prepared and ready. In early labour it was perfect, the breathing and positions were useful and practical.’  Marie , Essex


‘Up until I attended your yoga classes and then the NCT classes I felt full of dread by the time my due date arrived I felt much calmer and still nervous but quite excited. On the way to hospital I used my breathing to calm myself and took back some control, the journey was in silence as I focused on each contraction knowing that they would ease off and come back.  When each contraction arrived I kind of shut everyone out and used the technique you taught us, the golden thread, it worked well for me.’ Helen L.


‘Gemma has a really calming influence without coming across as a hippy…! Therefore it felt completely natural to discuss quite personal things with her and to make decisions together. The breathing techniques and finding comfy positions for labour was really beneficial. It was a chance for my partner and I to get closer about what we wanted in terms of support’  Emma B.