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Whether it be pre-exam stress; the pressures of being socially accepted and needing to 'fit in' or a thousand other issues, young people, just as much as adults can obtain real benefits from mindfulness and meditation.


The trick is to deliver the concept in a digestible and understandable format, cutting out the 'mumbo jumbo' and pseudo sprituality and keeping it tangible and easily applicable to an age goup that can be very judgemental  about anything that seems odd or 'kooky'.


Hanna Stuart is a local mother and yoga teacher delivering classes in North Devon for ages up to 11 years old. Her fun and engaging sessions are a brilliant way to introduce kids to the huge benefits that yoga can bring. Through mindful movement, simple techniques to stretch their bodies, calm their minds and connect with the breath yoga can really help developing minds to slow down, encourage focus, explore balance, strength and flexibility in a non-competitive, safe and fun environment.

The beauty of Hannahs' yoga classes are that the kids co-create the sessions with her so no two sessions will ever be the same and they will get a real boost in confidence and sense of satisfaction at every stage of their practise. She uses a bundle of music and props, reminding us that above all yoga is great fun and confirming to the little yogis that it is ok to play, explore and be themselves.


She currently teaches at Caen Community Primary School and Southmead Primary School in Braunton, details of a drop in classes will follow soon!

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meditation hands Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom. Buddha