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North Devon Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion Course

spend a year training with some of the UKs finest yoga teachers in stunning North Devon

The course will cover all the basics of the eight limbs of yoga, yet will also go much deeper. As we teach workshops to both yoga students and yoga teachers across the UK I get to meet some of the most inspiring yogis around and then handpick them to come and teach on my own special course!


I don't believe that it is healthy for the student or the teacher if there is just one individual passing on their way of doing things and so this course will incorporate a wide variety of teachers, passionate about their particular field of yoga expertise - from pranayama to partner work, physiology, anatomy and yoga therapy through to mindfulness & meditation. Get a deeper taste of all these, something that many courses fail to deliver.


Self guided practices and suggested reading between sessions will encourage you to take your own understanding ever deeper; and as anyone that attends my weekly classes will tell you, your physical asana will progress quicker than you could ever expect as you start to really feel and understand the poses.


For full details of the course fees, dates and more on the amazing teachers comng down to north devon to contribute please click here or go to


I initially taught yoga with no official qualifications as I did not believe that a piece of paper from anyone could make me any more or less able to teach what i understood.

Eventually there were aspects of yoga that I wanted to study to deepen my practice and I knew who was best suited to teach me those things, so took specific training.

I find that many people want to deepen their practice but feel that a teacher training is the only way to go about it, which isn't true. The reality is that there is a glut of yoga teachers, many of them have very little experience of self-practice and half empty classes.  Simply wanting a teaching qualification as a means to make extra money is a very poor motivation for taking this course.  However I do understand that many people will sensibly want to add this option at the same time as delving deeper into their own journey.


Our 'Yoga Like Water' course, suitable for anyone with at least 2 years of consistent practice. This provides a deep immersion into yoga for yogis, existing teachers or those wishing to teach with a much deeper understanding of yoga. It encourages self discovery, inner exploration as well as pushing the boundaries of understanding your existing physical practice. We want you to discover your own path in yoga, not simply take on someone else's ideas and pass them on. The course offers a very 'hands on' approach. You will be encouraged to get involved, offer your own opinions and develop your own style of practice and teaching right from the start.  

Our Yoga Like Water TT course is regarded as one of the most progressive trainng progammes in the UK. With a wide range of senior tutors from across the UK


We have two types of course:


A year long monthly option here in North Devon starting March 2018



Practical sessions at our studio in North Devon as well as out and about in the surrounding area whenever the weather allows: yoga on deserted beaches, meditation in the mouths of giant caves, yoga was never meant to be confined to four walls! This is a very different yoga training where you are encouraged to find your own style and path as a teacher; not to take on someone elses

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