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Zenobia Corke

Stillpoint Yoga Teacher

Zena has worked with Yoga for over thirty years and has developed her method called 'Stillpoint'


'In the midst of what  appears to be chaos, at the heart of all activity, like The Eye of the Storm: there is a point of stillness.

Within it lies the source of true potential, limitless possibilities and the deepest peace.


With this gentle and effective body - work, through the awareness of the breath ...

You can go there and find it.


Stillpoint Yoga can be practiced by anybody from complete beginners to the more advanced.


It is a unique way of being able to go deeper into all forms of movement through the awareness of the breath,

therefore benefiting all body types at all levels of fitness.


Stress related problems and breathing difficulties can be greatly relieved through this process.


The classes have been created to make a space for bringing awareness back to your mind and body,

giving a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation while gently and efficiently revitalising the whole system."'


"It's not often you get the chance to work with one of the original teachers of the Human Potential Movement - Zena Corke is a master in her field - go and see her"


Barefoot Doctor

Author and Health columnist Observer on Sunday 2000 - 2005.